About us
   Platex JSC is specialized in the manufacturing of cotton and cotton-type fabrics and articles. The head office of the company is located in the town of Dryanovo, province of Gabrovo. They are the old traditions of the weaving manufacture in the region that the company has been following since its opening in 1945. The company was fully privatized in 1997. The company's facilities perform the weaving, while the spinning and the finishing treatment are done by Bulgarian plants, with which we have long-term contractual relations. The sewing of the wide range of final products is done at the subsidiary company "Laval - 2001" Ltd. Ihtiman.
   Quality inspection of every technological process, from the raw cotton till the final article, is a guarantee for high quality low cost product.
   Some articles produced by Platex JSC are sold indirectly in Italy, Germany and USA by third parties. The wide range of offered fabrics and products is intended mostly for household linen, working and medical clothes. The top priorities of the company's production and sales policies include high quality of the products and accurate meeting of the delivery deadlines and conditions.
   Platex JSC seeks new business partners in Bulgaria and abroad in order to expand its commercial activity.